Project Greenville

Promoting Neighborhood Pride

Events & Activities to Bring

the Neighborhood Together


Project Greenville is geared towards

having more events happening in the

Greenville section of Jersey City.  It

would be great if, now and then, the

people of this neighborhood could take

a walk to go check something out right

in their own backyard instead of having

to get on the bus, Light Rail or into

their cars.  More specifically these

would be events that got the

neighborhood together as well as drew

people in from other areas (like the

idea behind our first event, the Jersey

City photo contest & exhibit). If

there is enough interest and

participation, possibly art shows,

outdoor music or festivals etc. would

not be uncommon to find going on in

the Greenville section of Jersey City.

And when you have a neighborhood that

has fun, creative, community

based things to offer those who call it

home, as well as those who are not

familiar with the area, it can be shared

and nurtured more easily.